Should your Hotel/ Restaurant Consider Urban Farming?

Should your Hotel/ Restaurant Consider Urban Farming?

How green is your kitchen? Obviously on first impressions, using advanced technology wouldn’t seem like the first choice to help the environment. Yet surprisingly, traditional farming is quickly being upgraded to the new and improved method of Urban Farming.

The way restaurants source fresh produce is about to change with the farm-to-table movement.

Every day, the number of urban farmers is increasing. These Urban farmers are average school teachers, housewives or entrepreneurs, etc. Anyone motivated by smart thinking and healthy living is inclined towards Urban Farming. 

Earlier many renowned chefs all around the world held that buying locally sourced products is the best choice. They thought, this way they are able to get fresher food and are in direct contact with producers. But their entire mindset changed when they realized they can get freshly grown vegetables, fruits and other produce inside their very hotel. 

Why Urban Farming? 

Urban farming is not just a mere source for acquiring freshly grown vegetables and fruits. The practice has a deeper impact on the urban community as it contributes greatly to the local economy, and creates fully functioning ecological spaces. 

How to Do Urban Farming in Hotel/ Restaurant? 

It is very easy to build an aquaponic system inside the restaurant. Many advanced, top listed restaurants are doing great business by this process. Not only is this economical and environmental friendly, the clients just love eating such fresh food. The very concept of handpicked vegetables, fruits right off the garden and clean animals is enough to give you a great business. 

Here at Sperotec, we focus on building modular, high yielding Electroponic systems that is also quick and easy to get up and running. We can even help refit your existing space or create a brand new one. The idea is to take the hassle away and give you a FRESH start! 

What is the future of Hotel/ Restaurant in terms of Indoor Farming? 

The way people used to relate to food and farming has changed over time. Urban farming helps produce food with 95 percent less water as compared to traditional farming. Adopting this technology will remove issues of space or soil forever. 

Best Quality Food With Urban farming, 

A hotelier or a restaurateur can assure their customer of best food quality. This process helps to control food-safety from seed to restaurant delivery. No more involvement of wildlife, pollution or pests infecting the food. 

Grow Fresh to Serve Fresh.

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