Raising gardens

Raising gardens

We are running out of space. We are running out of time. For the last month the Earth’s lungs have been on fire. In the past year we had finally admitted that our CO2 emissions have been changing the climate for the past 100 years. Statistics show that since 1900, droughts have become more frequent.

There is no doubt about that we as earthlings are making things worse, and that we should probably do what we can to make amends to our home.

Current agriculture methods cannot keep up with the increasing demand for food, and the methods themselves demand too much space and too much water to meet those production demands. The water consumed from traditional farming alone is staggering and unsustainable, not to mention the soil erosion which leaves Mother Earth barren.

Sorry to get all doom-and-gloom-Mad Max on you. It’s for effect – and to be honest we could have been darker. However, there is a solution…

Vertical hydroponic gardening.

Where traditional gardens can be measured in square meters, the vertical garden spans meters cubed. Like a garden club sandwich. That’s not all! The garden’s productivity ignores the Earth’s rotation. It continues to live and produce at any distance from the sun. Indoor climate control allows twelve months of optimal growth, compared to the traditional farmer’s four months. Land feeding one person now feeds a family.

If you have this garden at home, or even if your community has a vertical hydroponic farm that is guaranteed, fresh produce, all year long. Not only this, but vertical hydroponic systems use 95% less water than other methods of farming. Efficient.

Now that science and the age of information has raised our awareness, let’s raise our planet’s life expectancy and self esteem. Let’s raise our gardens.

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