The negative effect of plastic in modern farming

The negative effect of plastic in modern farming

As we know, vertical farming has massively reduced water usage in comparison to traditional farming, in fact vertical farming uses 70-95% less water than land farming which is great for surrounding environment. However, the wastewater from vertical farming could be having a massive impact on the overall ecosystem.

Almost all vertical farms use plastic pots when growing their plants, you may have heard a time or two that you shouldn’t really refill disposable water bottles, this is due to the chemicals and microplastics that over time can leach into the water causing us some real health issues. When we look at it from this point of view we should then question what wastewater is doing to the environment.

When even small amounts of wastewater runoff are contaminated with chemicals and microplastics it can impact waterways and ground water heavily, which in turn negatively effect surrounding plant and animal life.

The current recirculation systems for vertical farms are decently enough designed, though there is still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to water utilization. Systems with water constantly flowing through them need to be changed occasionally due to several factors, such as, different nutrients needed for different plants, to avoid pathogens expanding in the water and increased temperature of the water flow to name just a few.

We are always striving for viable solutions that will contribute to global ecosystem recovery and brighter future for all. We developed eco-innovative growing technology which enables the growers to use optimal amount of water with no by products and no wastewater.

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