The bright future of vertical farming

The bright future of vertical farming

Vertical farms are a fully controllable environment, much like a clean room in a hospital, completely safe from external factors. If we look at the statistics, the vertical farming industry was worth around 2.5 billion US dollars in 2018, with a proposed increase to 12.7 billion US dollars by 2026, with some of the worlds most profitable companies investing in the vertical farming industry. We can definitely look at that as a step in the right direction towards a sustainable future.

We could argue that the investment costs to establish vertical farming are overwhelming. The longevity of the facilities themselves should also be taken into consideration, especially when they are designed professionally.

Lets also take into consideration that currently more than 60% of vertical farming companies are non-profit. A few of the reasons for this are the costs of production and the equipment, as well as the cost of electricity which equal around 30% of overheads for these operations. If we stick to using the current systems, when the time comes that most of the produce at market is grown in vertical farms, the prices for food will be immensely higher than they currently are, which will increase profit margins for indoor growers but could lead to less people being able to afford healthy foods.

Our innovative eco-technology has reduced the costs of growing systems as well as efficiency in harvest times and an increased yield.

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