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The negative effect of plastic in modern farming

As we know, vertical farming has massively reduced water usage in comparison to traditional farming, in fact vertical farming uses 70-95% less water than land farming which is great for surrounding environment. However, the wastewater from vertical farming could be having a massive impact on the overall ecosystem. Almost all

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Raising gardens

We are running out of space. We are running out of time. For the last month the Earth’s lungs have been on fire. In the past year we had finally admitted that our CO2 emissions have been changing the climate for the past 100 years. Statistics show that since 1900,

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Should your Hotel/ Restaurant Consider Urban Farming?

How green is your kitchen? Obviously on first impressions, using advanced technology wouldn’t seem like the first choice to help the environment. Yet surprisingly, traditional farming is quickly being upgraded to the new and improved method of Urban Farming. The way restaurants source fresh produce is about to change with

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