Electroponics is an electrostatically charged Aeroponic system to distribute nutrient infused water droplets that magically wraps around the roots of your plants with an average droplet size of 50 microns for fast growing high yielding plants.

However, unlike the rest of all true Aeroponic systems, we don’t use nozzles prone to blocking. Instead, we have developed the world’s first Rotary Atomizer for Aeroponics. And not only is the Electroponics system more reliable with less maintenance, your plants will grow faster than ever.

1 %
Increase in yield

When growing small to medium plants compared to growing in soil

1 %
less water

For more sustainable growing all year round, no matter the climate

1 um
droplet size

Perfect for developing strong healthy roots with an abundance of root hairs

easy maintenance for healthier plants

With Electroponics, you’ll drastically reduce the amount of nutrients you need to recirculate back into the system which causes ph. fluctuations, nutrient imbalances and toxic salt build up. Now you can focus your time and energy on other important things, safe in the knowledge your roots are as healthy as they can be.

Full Range of Software

Unlock all the benefits of the Electroponics Experience.​

With the Electroponics cloud app, you’ll have full access to your plants, no matter where you are in the world.

Not only is the app packed with all the features you’ll ever need from an Aeroponic system, but you’ll be updated with notifications instantly from the many safety features that Electroponics offers. So even if you’re away for a week, you can rest easy knowing that your plants are safe. 

Commercial Range

Innovative | First In The World | Easy To Use

With all the same awesome features as the Pro range, our Commercial range is built for commercial growers that need the scalability at a more affordable price. Instead of a plug and play system, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a linear motion rail delivering the mist exactly where it’s needed, when your plants need it!