Remotely control any device with custom built IOT solutions

Connecting the next generation of smart devices for a smarter greenhouse

A scalable and open wireless MESH network designed for the next generation of smart commercial greenhouses provides a fast and efficient way to send and receive large amounts of data across large areas commonly found in commercial greenhouses.

Integrate a range of greenhouse management solutions such as advanced lighting control, location-based services, asset tracking and environmental control together wirelessly with open standard interfaces and benefit from the fast data rates achievable across your entire grow operation without worrying about signal strength or network issues.

Meet our new app

Packed with all the advanced features you would ever need to optimize your growing  experience. Due to the modularity of our software, we can offer a truly bespoke solution for your project.

With built in safety features, diagnostics and reporting analytics, our range of software offers you the control and reliability you need for faster growth rates and accurate data reporting. 



With each of our CanopyMESH enabled hydroponic systems acting as a central data highway of information being relayed to one another, our range of industrial controllers are easily configured to join the CanopyMESH network and customizable to your needs.

Due to the modularity of our software and integration of hardware, we can now prototype custom IOT solutions for your grow farm in the shortest time possible.