Semi Pro Range
Semi-Pro Range

For small but passionate growers!

Meet the next generation of Aeroponics

Semi-Pro Range
Electroponics system
usually £479
Available To beta users for only £329

Spark some energy into your plants with the Electroponics plug and play system designed to be adaptable to any 4x4ft grow chamber. 

Featuring a precision water pump, sub one second timers and a digitally controlled rotary atomiser, it’s packed with all the best technology for the ultimate control over your root’s environment. 


4 Amps @ 12 Volts – 48w max

Average droplet size

50 Microns

Min / Max off time

30s Min / 420s Max

Min / Max on time

0.2s Min / 10s Max

This smart, digitally controlled device is not only beautifully designed but functional too. With embedded sensors and built in safety modes,  it offers you a level of reliability that no other Aeroponics system can match.

Semi-Pro Range
Electroponics SPS Kit
usually £599
Available To beta users for only £429

Electroponics SPS Kit is the small Semi-Pro kit perfect for 1.2 wide grow tents complete with the Plug and Play Electroponics System. This package is designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible. 

Semi-Pro Range
Electroponics SPL Kit
usually £999
Available To beta users for only £799

Electroponics SPL Kit is the large Semi-Pro Kit designed to fit perfectly into a 2.4m wide tent. It comes complete with 2 of our plug and play systems. The grow chamber is of the same high quality construction that you get in our SPS but with an additional 110% more growing capacity.

We are currently Pre-Launch.
But we’re looking for 5 lucky candidates to trial some exciting new technology before anyone else.  

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