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A range of services for Every Commercial Grower!

We are currently pre-launch and working hard to bring our services to the large-scale commercial grower sector, in the mean time, we will be offering our services and technology in limited supply to specially selected growers for conducting trial grows across the UK in October 2019. 

We are the creators behind Electroponics which is a completely new technology designed from the ground up for the fastest growth rates of small to medium plants with improved reliability over conventional Aeroponic systems. 

In return for your co-operation and willingness to help test our new technology, not only will you receive a complete grow system free of charge for the trial grow, we will also help with installation setup, maintenance and support.

Three easy steps to get your trial grow up and running...

Stage 1 - Planning
Give us a call today and we can meet to plan the basis of conducting trial grows. After our initial planning meeting, we will design a system to fit conveniently into your grow room and meet all your requirements.
stage 2 - installation
Once all the parts have been manufactured, we will do a test assembly in-house and do some reliability tests. Once confirmed, we will contact you to discuss your availability and arrange a convenient time to install the system at your location and have it all up and running for you.
stage 3 - help and support
Once everything is all setup, we will give you a run down on all the exciting features of your new setup. You'll also have all the support you need throughout the trial grow and we're happy to visit when ever you need us.

Still interested in trialling Electroponics?

Thanks for your interest in conducting trial grows with us, if you leave your details below, we will contact you shortly.