Commercial systems

For faster growing plants, reliably and consistently, all year round

With our unique dual growth approach, you can obtain the most efficient way of growing and simultaneously reduce the costs for substrate, water and fertilizer. Sperotec systems are designed and manufactured for each individual customer out of PU coated galvanized steel which protects the gutters against EC and pH influences.

All our systems utilizes our hemp based substrate to create the perfect balance of water holding capacity and aeration that is designed for growing roots in a evenly distributed structure before being then being fed Aeroponically throughout the rest of the plant’s life cycle.  This unique two stage approach to growing roots, allows you to grow large plants such as Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Pepper plants in Aeroponic based system successfully where all other systems fail. 

cloud integration with advanced diagnostics

Each system is digitally controlled and managed via our CanapyMesh network that automatically establishes a secure and reliable internet connection over long distances  throughout your entire grow farm without concerns for signal strength or reliability issues.