Remotely control any device with custom built IOT solutions

Connecting the next generation of smart devices for a smarter greenhouse

Custom IOT devices built to your exact needs for full automisation of your growing operation in one central dashboard. Update that old grow room control system of yours with the power of machine learning for improved control and efficiency.

Easy-to-use solutions for small commercial growers

Get all the functionality you need to increase productivity.

Simple devices strategically used for linking all your greenhouse technology together in one easy-to-use dashboard for enhanced growing environmental control and bigger yields.   

Advanced software for large commercial growers

Deeper insights into plant growth with custom analytics solutions.

Understand your plants on a deeper level with custom solutions and combine this knowledge with the power of big data analytics and machine learning to automate your grow room control to the next level of productivity. 

Are you a product manufacturer wanting to build smart devices?

Find out how we can save you over £100k and thousands of hours of development time.